Virtual Gastric Bands

So what is it, and what does it involve?

It is a method used to convince clients that they have undergone actual gastric band surgery thereby allowing them to experience all the benefits of having a gastric band fitted without having to go through the trauma of surgery or suffering side effects. As highlighted recently on the TV, obesity has become one of the world's largest problems resulting in serious health issues, early deaths and lower life expectancy. In the UK alone 17% of men and 21% of women are obese (a body mass index of more than 30 kg/m2 ).

Gastric band surgery is expensive with typical costs between £4000 and £9000 per client. Not only is this out of reach for many people classed as obese, but is also cost prohibitive on the NHS. As an alternative, Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is cost effective and without the side effects associated with the surgical procedure. The key to the process is in changing clients behavior/habits when it comes to over-eating. There is no point in "fitting" a virtual gastric band if the underlying problems are not addressed. By using a combination of techniques and visualisation it is possible to address the emotional and psychological reasons why a client over-eats, thereby ensuring not only weight loss but just as importantly, leaving the client feeling happy and contented within themselves.

Do you find yourself constantly dieting, eating alone because you're bored/frustrated, eating for comfort, or is food all you ever think about ??

Or do you already consider yourself clinically obese or dreadfully unhappy with your weight ???

Maybe its time to ask about a Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band .You really CAN change your life by losing weight and keeping it off without endless diets. Join the growing number of people succeeding with their weight loss through Hypnotherapy Virtual Gastric Bands