Eating Disorders

Popular opinion when hearing of an eating disorder is that the person “must” have a problem with food. Amongst professional Hypnotherapists this opinion is generally regarded as wrong and that the eating disorder is actually an indication that the person has underlying problems in their life.

Attempting to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, low confidence or emotional conflicts can result in Bulimia, Anorexia or Compulsive Eating. All these serious illnesses can become a detrimental problem to the persons health.The Sufferers often deny or recognise that there is a problem. All three of the above can begin in early childhood when eating patterns are formed but in recent times, it is the overeating which is of the greatest concern.

Most people who become Compulsive Eaters are those who have never learned the proper way to deal with stressful situations and have used food instead as a way of coping. Over time, if this continues, it can become a morbid obesity where gastric banding or stapling would be necessary for survival..

They frequently withdraw from activities because of embarrassment about their weight and many have tried so many different diets they feel tormented by these over eating habits. They always think about food and often have secret hoards of food, becoming anxious when eating, believing that hunger makes them feel uneasy or vulnerable. They then compulsively eat, which reduces their negative thought processes, then feel bad or guilty about over eating, and the whole process starts over again.

By significantly reducing their stressors, anxiety, depression or other underlying fears or concerns, Bev through various Hpnosis techniques, enables them to cope easier with life.