Nail Biting

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be one of the more effective methods of ridding negative habits. Just as with stopping smoking, the techniques described here have proven to be extremely effective as a long term nail biting remedy. Nail biting is a physical habit that is caused by the either a psychological deep seated reason or just the continual repetition of the physical movement. Both the above can be effectively stopped with hypnotherapy. Discovering and treating the underlying psychological issues which are exhibited in nail biting can be a process that requires several sessions to effectively overcome. However nail biting ,as a habit, can be a result of a person feeling a sense of enjoyment as well, and as such can also have an impact on our emotional and psychological state. The relaxed and focused state of Hypnotherapy encourages the subconscious mind to overcome these challenges successfully. Two of the most powerful hypnotherapy 'Will Stop' techniques have proven to be 'anchoring' and 'association'. With association I link a negative behavior to something unpleasant and with anchoring, I link physical movement triggers with alternative feelings and behaviors.