As a professional Hypnotherapist, trauma and abuse is defined as all forms of maltreatment. These types of abuse leave a person feeling worthless, small, unwanted with a low self esteem. Sometimes, a person seeking help from a hypnotherapist will be seeking help to resolve abuse experienced in childhood, but others may be seeking resolve from abuse experienced as adults and it's hard to comprehend how fragile and vulnerable each and every one of us are. Most of us as 'adults', take it for granted that we can deal with being in certain abusive scenarios, be it mental, physical or sexual. We have coping mechanisms that have been developed within ourselves to deal with guilt, shame and anger which help to lower our anxiety levels. We talk to a friend or find a shoulder to cry on. Many adults, through being abused as children, continue, long into adulthood, attracting abusers and being abused and sadly the effect of abuse can lead to the abused becoming the abuser but there is no need to allow it to ruin your life. Help is at hand. Hypnotherapy really can help you.