Improving Sporting Performance

Most champions use some form of hypnosis, whether its visualisation or affirmation and many seek the help of a professional hypnotherapist or sports psychologist to assist in their mental training. Modern sports psychology helps people of all ages and all levels with their performance. At one time sports people focused on the technical side of their game but in recent times, more attention has been paid to the inner mind. Famous examples of this success has been the English cricket team regaining the Ashes, the success of the British boxing team in the Beijing Olympics or famous boxers like Chris Eubank or Nigel Benn over coming their challenges to lift world boxing titles.

So whether you’re a professional or amateur, whether you’re competing locally or nationally or seeing sport as purely a recreational pastime, you can still find ways to improve.

It may be that you wish just to get motivated to improve your fitness levels rather than follow a particular sport but hypnotherapy can improve both your all round game or just a specific part of your game. It can be tailored to your mental preparation to boost confidence, concentration and self belief or it can help you overcome the negative thoughts or anger when something goes wrong. It can be used to block out crowd heckling and help you stay calm and focused.

Whatever your reason there are ways in which I can help your performance using hypnotherapy