Fears & Phobias

There are many different phobias and fears which affect a person's ability to enjoy life to the full. Many people feel anxious and overwhelmed when they are confronted by a spider, open space or a dentist's needle for instance and deep down they know that they struggle to live everyday life without a constant fight with their inner self. These feelings can dramatically affect their lives and whilst they know that these feelings are irrational, they are unable to overcome their fears. Hypnotherapy and NLP deal with your mind. It is your mind that is responsible for your attitudes and beliefs and by gently encouraging you and your subconscious to visualise a life without fear, it is perfectly possible for you to succeed. Hypnosis means that you don't have to 'learn to live with it'. Hypnosis can enable you to take charge of your own life overcoming those past unhelpful fears and phobias.