Improve your memory

Memory enhancement using hypnosis has always been a controversial area. In America hypnosis still plays a significant role in forensic police work and it has been used in many high profile cases. Research has often been contradictory but then memory is notoriously unreliable itself.

Memory as psychologists know only too well is not stored like events on a film or video. It is selective and it is contaminated with our own beliefs and values. Many people have heard about the famous ‘eye witness’ experiments in which different witnesses to an event recall completely different and sometimes contradictory facts. However when hypnosis is used in conjunction with mental relaxation and other successful strategies, powerful recall can be developed quickly and you can certainly easily improve the way in which you remember things. Basically because hypnosis can’t be used to make people do things, it can’t be used to make people remember things but it can be used as a powerful tool to help overcome mental blocks and achieve the kind of clarity of mind associated with world class memory skills.