Insomnia is the inability to sleep easily and sleep well, or an inability to stay asleep and receive a reasonable amount of rest. Insomnia can be caused by many things, a traumatic experience, anxiety, stress or worry, uncertainty and over a period of time of no sleep the sufferer starts to believe they can never sleep. They then start fearing bed time laying there awake for hours on end unable to sleep. this fear then creates more anxiety and stress, making it even harder for them to sleep. And so it goes on sometimes even when the initial situation has been resolved the sufferer continues to believe that they are unable to sleep and rest. It becomes a vicious circle. Hypnosis therapy being very deep relaxation in its essence lends itself very nicely to helping people to relax and to get to sleep easily. In fact during hypnosis we become so relaxed and chilled out that this state of relaxation can last for some time after. When in an hypnotic state the subconscious mind becomes far more open to powerful positive suggestions that can allow the sufferer to know that when they wish to sleep they can do. With their new found knowledge that they can relax the fear of no sleep is lifted, anxiety and stress is lowered and the sufferer is then able to relax and sleep soundly