Improving Motivation

Improving motivation is one of the simplest and most complex applications of hypnotherapy. On the simpler side are the direct suggestions aimed at building the self-esteem necessary for an individual to realize his or her potential. This can simply involve an encouragement of the inner conviction that "you can do it!" Fostering a positive mental outlook can by itself have impressive results. In the hypnotic state these suggestions are extremely powerful. But sometimes direct suggestions designed to build self-esteem and a positive mental attitude are not enough. Sometimes hidden or subconscious mental blocks can create barriers to success. And sometimes the enemy of motivation is nothing more than confusion and the failure to see new opportunity.

Confusion about what to do or where to go from here does not necessarily mean that one is suffering from low self-esteem or confidence. You can be highly motivated and yet be confused and at a loss about what to do about it. This is a common depression that anyone can experience, and is the result of feeling stuck and being unable to get by the obstacles and barriers that stand in the way of our goals. When the barriers persist a sense of futility and resignation to fate can set in. Motivation becomes diminished as one frustration after another seems to extinguish the last remnants of hope. It might be said that this is far too simplistic, and of course it is but whilst some individuals are resilient, others are hopeless and unmotivated. The difference between the resilient and unmotivated individuals concerns the ability to recognize opportunity. To understand how a negative can sometimes turn into a positive. To perceive how strengths in one area may emerge as strengths in completely different and unexpected areas Hypnosis can quickley and easily clear away the clutter leaving you able to move on with your life.