Frequently asked Questions

Will I do daft things like on television ?

No. Sadly Hypnotherapy has had bad press due to the theatrical exploits of stage hypnosis for television .In a true professional sense, Hypnotherapists cannot make you do anything which you do not want to do. We can help with almost anything, provided you want to change.

Will I be awake ?

Yes , you will always be awake and aware of your surroundings. Although you will be deeply relaxed, you will be pleasantly surprised to remember everything that happens during the session .

Can I drive afterwards ?

Yes , you will be fully alert & in full control of all your senses and able to drive immeadiatly.

Can everyone be Hypnotised ?

Everyone can be if they want to be . Nobody can be hypnotised against their will. Thats why we can only help if you want to be helped !

Is it the same for everyone ?

No. Each ailment or condition needs to be treated individually. Each and every session is tailored to the clients needs.

Can you guarantee me a cure?

I can only guarantee you my very best efforts and skills to help you. The one ingredient that is vital , is 'that you must want to help yourself'. Together with our very best efforts , we will succeed !