Overcoming Grief

The death of loved one is always a devastating experience and no one can be expected to come to terms with it quickly. Grieving is natural process that allows us to gradually come to terms with our situation, deal with our sorrow and eventually start to move forward again. Most people manage this with the support of their family and friends. But sometimes grief can completely overwhelm a bereaved person and they can flounder in their efforts to deal with it. They can become incapacitated alienating themselves from the world.

There is also the death of a relationship that can devastate people’s lives if left unchecked.

It is at these unhappy moments that hypnotherapy comes into its own by having a calming and beneficial effect. What I have found to be invaluable as a professional hypnotherapist, is that grief must be acknowledged and experienced. A person must be allowed the time to grieve as this is a normal process. However any intervention of any kind whether it is hypnotherapy, NLP or counselling should be considered if the person is becoming overwhelmed and shutting off from the world. At time like this, because the person may not be able to recognize their situation, it is up to the friends and family to see the signs and seek help